Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Design

Carrying on with the design theme seen 2 days ago in my 4C Stradale (I'd link to it, but alas I'm posting this via my iPhone), I've decided to go a new direction:

Hill climb GT style road racer (a la GT3, but for Sunday morning canyon carving instead of Sunday afternoon track attacking).


With this, I've decided to include some unique details, such as the genuine 4 leaf clover to replace the standard Alfa Clover badge, a belt strap to keep the hood down, aluminum rear spoiler that is cable actuated and swings up under hard braking, a lockable clamshell hood as well as front bumper brackets for an included set of plexiglass canards.

Unfortunately, this drawing isn't yet done - I have about another 2 hours of work ahead of me, especially in finishing the Diablo style gold centerlock wheels. The reason I'm posting now is because I've just devoted 4 hours to this.

The drawing of the main car itself is 9 inches long and 3 inches tall, which means this is a massive undertaking, especially since it's entirely hand drawn with only pencil crayons and a standard BiC pen. Hopefully when I'm done, I can give it off to one of you guys, to hang on your wall!

In any case, I'll be posting more "Mid Night" info soon, Japanese car stories, car reviews, my personal automotive photography as well as more designs, so keep your eyes peeled on my Kinja!



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