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Alfa Unveils Powerful Aphrodisiac Dubbed "4C"

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Turin - Alfa Romeo SpA unveiled today their latest creation that they call the 4C. The 4C is expected to arrive on US shores by sometime late this year, at a price point that will make it an affordable vehicle for affluent parents to give to their son as a college graduation present.


The 4C promises to be the greatest aphrodisiac the world has ever seen. Owners of a 4C will almost immediately notice the effects of this powerful vehicle. Attractive, middle aged wives of successful lawyers will suddenly and inexplicably begin to develop an attraction to you, seducing you and asking you to meet them in hotels. You will begin to get all the MILF poon you can handle, all while dating the daughter of the lady your are shagging.

The 4C comes with such niceties as a powerful engine, yet it is also economical, ensuring that you will never run out of gas at an inopportune time, forcing you to run down a California highway to make an important rendezvous. Fiat's latest infotainment system is also included, allowing you to play all your favorite Simon & Garfunkel tunes.


The 4C will be available only in limited quantities, please contact your local Fiat/Chrysler dealer to order yours today.

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