Please ignore my janky bleeder.

On my long list of TODOs for my cars, my 1987 Alfa Spider has been getting no love due to it’s stubborn insistence on... working. It just always starts, runs, and drives and is rarely grumpy.

I finally decided to get after the passenger side motor mount. The driver’s side took about 15 minutes, but the passenger side requires removing pretty much the entire intake system.


And so I have.

I’m surprised this car runs as well as it does considering how many vacuum hoses are in this system. Despite being in good seeming shape, I’ll probably replace them all while I’m in here.

The FSM has been mostly useless on this, so I’ve been winging it, figuring I can call in a favor if I get stuck. So far the only surprise was apparently the intake has a support that attaches to the top and bottom of the engine. This meant I had to take the coolant overflow out so I could get a wrench in there and remove it.


I can finally see the mount, so I’m hopeful...

While I’ve got everything off I plan on replacing the valve cover gasket and re-torquing the head bolts. Yes, the latter is apparently a maintenance item. Alfa, yo.


Wish me luck!

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