Alfa Work is almost starting to be done...

This, like every car project, has been more than expected...

The plan was to replace the passenger-side motor mount, which requires removing the intake ducting, throttle body, IAC, intake manifold, coolant reservoir, throttle linkage... and some other crap. While I had it stripped down I figured I’d replace the crusty valve cover gasket and anything else that looked meh.


Well... it wasn’t that simple. After pulling off the VVT solenoid and the valve cover, I realized that I didn’t have new fiber washers for the valve cover (not a huge deal) and I didn’t have new half-moon seals (larger deal). The seals looked OK, but I’d hate to do this and then have to re-do it two weeks later because they started leaking.

So off to the parts store I go!

Lol just kidding. I tried ordering from the primary US supplier and got this... strange message.

Apparently $5.58 is enough to raise a red flag...

So I ate the $20 shipping and went with my UK guys, Classic Alfa. They’re always fast and their prices are excellent, so I don’t mind giving them my money.


Three days later I have my $7 worth of parts and can keep going.


Half moons in I dress the surfaces, throw on a new gasket, and begin to tighten to torque.


And the gasket squishes out!

Crap. My best guess is my 3/8" torque wrench can’t reliably do 10 ft/lbs (its lowest setting). I’ve been meaning to buy a 1/4" drive in/lb wrench, but haven’t yet. I guessed at the torque and went from there.


I also went ahead and re-torqued the head bolts. Depending on who you ask this is a 10k after a head change or an every 10k thing. Either way, since I have a mystery coolant leak, it was worthwhile to do anyway. The procedure is simply to remove one nut, clean everything, grease it with engine oil, and put it back on. Then move to the next nut.

I did them in proper sequence but I don’t think that was required.


That done, I went ahead and pulled the spark plugs and confirmed that none of them are suspiciously clean. They were actually pretty dirty but I’m OK with that. I’ll clean them up and throw them back in as they have maybe 2k on them and I’m on a budget.

With the motor mount in, the valve cover on, and the head re-torqued, I can finally start re-assembling. I’ve got the intake manifold feeling fresh with new boots and clean clamps, so it is ready to go.


Hopefully I can remember how all this goes back together......




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