Alita Battle Angel-a half assed oppositelock review




So in the year 2563 after Mars attacked earth some techno doctor dude finds a piece of an incredibly advanced cyborg left over from the war and brings it back to life. The Cyborg is a cute teenage girl who starts to realize her origin story during the movie and falls in love with a street kid name Han Solo or something.  

Robot on robot violence: 10/10

Love story -1,000,000

Possibility of a sequel? 75%

Set design of future dystopian city: 10/10 looks like new york city in 1987.

SyFy ideas of the future 10/10

Love story: 1^-89 so yeah the love interest really ruined the move and took away from the plot.


Would I pay money to see it in the theater knowing what I know now? I don’t know, maybe a cheap matinee, but not a $16 evening showing.

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