I’ll spare you all the suspense — I am now officially in possession of a 2003 Honda S2000 in Suzuka Blue! I picked it up in North Carolina (fittingly from a VW dealer) with 74k miles today, for what at least two certified experts at S2ki consider a nice price.

I’ve driven it about 175 miles so far. The worst thing about the car is, both soft top latches are broken such that they don’t batten down completely, which (as I discovered on I-77) means that the top can come loose over big bumps. Order to Majestic Honda placed.

Other than that, the car is pleasingly clean — not surgically clean like the yellow one I looked at last week, which is good, seeing as it will save me from constant panic attacks in the inevitable New Jersey full-contact parking escapades.

Being that a large part of the drive back will be through... VIRGINIA... (dun dun dun), I didn’t bother bringing my V1 at all — just in case something happens in VA, it won’t be in the car. So it was a very boring, dark 70 mph drive up to the foothills. As I knew, it doesn’t excel at being a highway cruiser.

Freebies from the dealer’s classics collection:


Video and more photos tomorrow. Here’s my itinerary for the morning, before cruising back to NJ. Squee! Can’t wait.