The story behind this particular 1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible and its restoration is pretty interesting.

This car was one of the many displayed at the Kansas City Art of the Car Concours and is owned and was restored by Chuck and Ginger Freeman out of Aurora, Colorado.

The sign below reads:

In 1994, I purchased our 1955 Mercury Montclair Convertible for literally the cost of a side of beef. When I first saw the car it was sitting in a farmer’s field just east of Denver. I contacted the farmer to see if the car was for sale, and he informed me that he didn’t own the car and gave me the phone number of the fellow who did. When I called him, he said that the farmer actually did own the car because he had once received a side of beef from the farmer and never paid him. I then called the farmer back and told him the story. He agreed to sell me the car for the cost of the side of beef ($800.00).


This particular Mercury Montclair is a convertible and was one of 10,668 manufactured. With a base price of $2,712.00 it featured a 292 cubic inch V8 with a 4 barrel carb.


The color is Gulfstream Blue Metallic and it featured power brakes, power steering, and was the first year that both front and rear seatbelts were offered!


This one even has such amenities as a tissue dispenser and the “Multi-lube System”. You could lube the chassis while driving by simply pushing a button.