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All Convertible Garage?

It’s summer, so let’s do some thing we haven’t done in awhile a “Dream Garage” challenge. For the summer theme this one is an all Drop top, True topless speedsters are allowed as well.

Let’s limit this one to 5 cars, no budget. I’m going to stick to cars currently for sale, but you don’t have to.

First: this Z3 M Convertible, in Evergreen a unique color that I’m in love with.


Second: a 356, really digging this cream, on red color scheme.

Third: a Sazuka Blue S2000


Four: this Gorgeous Yellow DS Cabriolet. I normally don’t like these early ones wi5h the goofy lights, but the color scheme here won me over.


Fifth: this 1940 Mercury in green and white. I dig it.


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