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All Forked up

I spent yesterday evening finally doing the oil & dust fork seals on the GS500. This got delayed due to needing to order the dust seals from the UK, needing to get the bits to make a tool for removing the bottom fork bolt, and a freaking snowstorm in April.

I found yet more evidence of the hard life this bike has lived and the ...interesting repair choices made by prior owners. Nothing dangerous, just some half-assery. But the new seals are in, and there is fresh fork fluid in there. I put in 300ml to start, on the theory I would nee to add more to get it where I wanted it. Adding is easier than removing.


I did discover that my front brake pads are shot. I wish I’d noticed when I placed my prior parts order, as I now have to place a *fourth* parts order.

What I’ve gotten done so far this spring:

-New tires

-New front & rear wheel bearings

-New rear brake rotor & pads

-New dust & oil seals in front forks.

Still to go:

-Checking valve clearance & fixing leaky valve cover

-Oil change

-Air filter

-Front brake pads & greasing sliders

-Swapping to non-bent handlebars, re-routing choke cable, replacing bolts in bar end weights

-Re-wrapping bike in fresh vinyl

-Checking Carb sync

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