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All Girls Garage and Also a Rant

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I was about to cancel my MTOD subscription, like, literally, a few clicks away, and I discovered this show. I admire these women for taking this on because most of the blokes who watch will be mocking and critical and look at the girls’ boobs rather than their wrenches. If the show is interesting, I’ll keep watching.


It looks like Roadkill Garage has disappeared from among the (cookie cutter) MTOD offerings. I was on board with MTOD at the beginning, in order to watch Roadkill, but their machinations have become increasingly wasteful and pointless and uninteresting. And while they pay occasional lip service to fans, they never talk to them, do crap for outreach, have zero way for people to send in letters or comments and yesterday, I watched their $3k Hooptie Challenge and Freiberger and Drag Racing Dude were, frankly, d**ks. Project Binky, anyone?

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