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There's a not a single person I know or I've met that hasn't fallen in love with what is usually presented at these auto shows except the Chinese ones. They are the epitome of madness and freedom that a designer possesses in an automotive company and yet, somewhere along the value chain of the product and the company, the final product is totally unrecognizable.

It is like silicon surgery in humans, the after results are bland and horrific. Best example is the new Subaru Impreza. Though it isn't a bad looking car at all but the image they created, created very very high expectation and the end product was well below it.


Now here's this Subaru Viziv 2 as shown at the auto show:


Reality would be:


Rear thrusters! Its like Clarkson was hired as a design consultant...

So guys, can you help in putting together a sort of before and after gallery?

Concept and Production car.