I am right, as usual.

The RX is not ugly, nor is the predator grille. They look great.

The older Range Rover looks classier and better than the new RR.


The interior on the new S-Class with the cross-stitching and purple/pink LEDs looks tacky as hell, like a german low grade brothel. The clown-face steering wheel doesn’t help.

The Bentayga is an astounding vehicle. It also looks great.


This is the single most hideous looking vehicle on the market today. “Oh, but trucks are not supposed to look good Citroen, they are trucks” - Then why the hell did they put all that tacky tasteless chrome bits on it, huh?

There should be a lot more bike lanes, everywhere. Fun fact: I once parked in a bike lane by accident.


Non-OEM / non-Period Correct / Cosmetic modifications always look like shit, you don’t know more than the designers/engineers that built the vehicle. Again, making exception to performance upgrades, OEM, and period correct things.

Like this, every single Pioneer style screen on any car looks like shit.


Or newer wheels on older cars (worst offenders are replica AMG wheels and older 911 Turbo wheels)