Here are a few of the Kia K9 clips just released an hour ago. The one directly below this text is the one that makes the car look best. Great sound design on these first three clips. Why cant HMG put these kinds of sounds into their cars?

This clip above is the best executed.

The “Quantum” badging is Kia’s version of “Platinum.” That’s the giveaway that the car has the 5.0L V8. There are also AWD badges on the side of the car which is a big hint that the two will be paired (for North America).

Maurice Lacroix designed analog clock and the customizable Pantone interior light palette.


There are some other clips but I’m waiting for more informative ones to drop such as that clock and lighting clip above.

*It should be noted that Kia appears to be marketing a mashup between a North American market and a Korean market car. There are some odd details such as wearing Kia badges as well as the Quantum badging and while othering no displacement emblems. But whatever, definitely looks like a comfort focused sedan. Kinda what I would have expected the Lincoln Continental to look like if the new Navigator came out first.