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All of the Sultan's Jewel's - Wagon Specials

Show me what you the Sultan’s got.

Hey guys and gals,

Hope you are all doing fine after the thanksgivings commemorations :) So, while most of you were all getting filled with Turkey, you too Putin, I as the self-appointed Oppo Wagon Archeologist was in call, and decided to delve into the collection of one of the most weird interesting car collectors this world has seen.


The Sultan of Brunei.

So here is the deal, what i would like is for you guys and gals to do is to try and find what is the most Interesting Wagon this gentleman has.

I will go first:


While one of the most tame in his collection i would say the one we have here, the Mercedes AMG S73T Kombi is one of the most extreme wagons in existence, of 18 are supposedly in existence, of which 15 were ordered by the gentleman himself, until he scaled it down to 10.


This wagon has the 7.3L v12 M120 engine with an estimated 565 HP, and has seen application in the Zonda c12s 7.3 and the Zonda F, and all the expected accoutrements of an era S class.

While i wait for the reply to my request for a review unit to be sent tell me, how insane is that?


Oh well, i’m sure you guys will show me how much the dude kind sir is below.

Thank you and have a great day ;)

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