Looks like I’ll be crossing quite a number of states on the way home. I’m willing to make short distance detours from my route. This will be happening Saturday afternoon.

Illustration for article titled All ready to go! Now, are there any Oppos who want to hang out on my road trip back home?

Also, I booked an Uber and got my plane ticket, so now I just wait for Saturday! I think I might also give Tucker one last drive...I mean, there’s a high chance I’ll be his first and last owner due to the crazy cost of repairing/replacing the engine...so I think he deserves one last hurrah before being parted out...or wherever he’ll end up.


My road trip back will take 30 hours and 2,000 miles. I don’t have a tight itinerary, I’m not due for the new job for a week anyway. I want to make it the best road trip ever.

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