I’m moving from worn out rotting 245s to 285s on my 08 GMC 2500hd (they’ll fit with some plastic trimming) and theres a lot of choices so I need some help.
The tire needs to be 285/75 r16 and have an E load rating.

I spend probably 85% of my time on the highway, so it needs to be a tire with good road manners at 85 mph. However I don’t tow barely ever, so sidewall rigidity under load isn’t that big of a deal
Anything will be an improvement over the shitty bald highway tires that are on it now, but I’d like something with a beefy looking sidewall and tread pattern.
I already have dedicated snows, that are going on over thanksgiving, so im not to worried about snow and ice performance.

To be perfectly honest, most of the time, they’d just be for show, but I would get good use out of them.

I’m also pretty pissed i just had to spend $800 to get pulled out of a “trail” 2 miles in the woods by a tractor, and since my dad will pay for tires, but not towing, Id like to avoid that again if possible.


Tires I’m looking at

  • GY Wrangler Duratrac
  • BFGoodrich All-Terrain KO2
  • Nitto Exo or Terra Grapplers
  • General Grabber?
  • etc etc etc

I havent even looked into smaller manufacturers like ProComp or Dick Cepek, or Cooper/Mastercraft.


To recap, requirements in order of priority

  1. 285/75 r16
  2. E load rating
  3. Beefy Sidewall look
  4. Offroad (dirt, rock, trails) performance
  5. Onroad performance
  6. Mud/sand performance
  7. Towing Stability
  8. Snow and ice performance
  9. mpg (lol its not gonna get worse)/noise

I’m finding that I can’t really go wrong between BFG A/T KO2 and the Duratracs.

Right now I’m leaning toward the Duratracs cause GODDAMN LOOK AT THEM



(This truck has a 2 in lift which mine wont have, they will still fit fine with trimming,minimal torsion crank, and a set of tie-rod sleeves)

The new KO2s do give them a run for the money


What experiences do you guys have? Anything to avoid?