In the order I noticed them on my short dark drive home.

1. Aftermarket alarm. Not a bad thing, but another thing to go wrong for someone.

2. Sport Edition rims. Not the ugliest ones, but has a stupid tire size on them.

3. Loose driver seat. Bolts not tight/cross threaded/full of washers. Ummmm...

4. Red footwell lights. That don't turn off. GAYYYYYEEEE.

5. Fartcan that rattles at idle.

6. Owned by a college kid.... parking passes everywhere

7. Floss left in the car. Eww.

8. Wobbly handling. Might be the bald tires.

9. Wheel hop. Not as bad as the Camry, but at least the Camry feels faster to 60 (see gif)


10. Rear wheel bearings are BAD. At 87k should they be? I dunno.

11. Aftermarket stereo sucks.

12. Stereo wiring sucks. Literally just lying in the interior.

13. Rear headrests missing.

14. Right rear seatback won't lock upright.

15. Trunk springs removed. Lying in trunk. WTF.

16. Hot air intake. Why??

17. Has a header... so maybe the fartcan is attached to a complete exhaust? It sounds okay, not typical buzzy Honda.


18. Oh yeah, the driver's door sounds like ass when you close it.

19. Light up washer nozzles.

20. Forgot about the HIDZ, YO.

21. And the clutch that engages WAY too high.

22. Not to mention the airbag light and pending CEL code which is why I'm driving it, trying to get it to come back on.