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All The Beer

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No, this isn’t Farscythe’s refrigerator. It’s mine, and sadly, none of this beer is for me. Our high school band is starting its online auction fund raiser tomorrow (it was supposed to be a pancake breakfast and silent auction, but coronavirus had other plans), and a local brewery, Thirsty Planet, donated four cases to the cause. Since the beer isn’t pasteurized, it has to be kept cold, which required a bit of rearranging in our garage fridge. Thirsty Goat is an American-style amber ale, while the Spot On Pils is a seasonal Czech-style pilsner. I may have to bid on some of this myself. I’d really like to try the pils.

Illustration for article titled All The Beer

Had a nice chat with the owner. Really nice guy, who is very supportive of the local community and donates often to many causes. Check them out if you get a chance.

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