This was probably the best christmas gifts I have ever received, and can't wait to put them in my car. I picked them up a bit later than christmas since I ordered them to be delivered in the PO box we have in the US, from where I arrived yesterday. The Cabrio brochure gave me so much nostalgia from my last car, which will always be in my heart.

The most significant part here are the LED headlamps I bought from Winpower. I convinced my father that I would retro-fit them to my car rather than other shop since the MK7 Golf has never been touched by any local mechanic. The forums and videos filled me and my father with enough confidence, and I got a new set of tools as well! Tomorrow is going to be a day I longed for since I received my car in August as I adore LED lighting. I'm open to any advice, wish me luck!


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