Taking inspiration from thunderbolt’s post here are all the cars I’ve ever owned ranked.

4. 2001 Suburban LT

I bought it for a pittance from my father. Entirely unremarkable as far as cars go. Rattles a lot, sounds like a generator, I don’t even have any pictures on my phone. Ick

3. 1998 Honda Accord EX

My first car, and to be fair a great first car. I still have it and drive it in inclement weather sometimes. It currently has s pretty atrocious rust problem and its not long for this world frankly. I’ll probably scrap it or donate it come spring.

2. 2004 Mercedes S600

Suprise. This is the coolest car I’ve ever owned by a mile. It’s also the fasted and most dramatic. However all that drama is usually being drowned out by the sound of my wallet imploding. It seems to be in the shop every 2-4 months, and I’ve never gotten out of there spending less than $1000, usually closer to $2000. I love the car to bits but it’s a brutal mistress.


1. 1997 Lexus LS400

Where to begin. Even though it’s 7 years older than my S class, it’s built better, exponentially more reliable, more subtle, and has a better sound system to boot. The Benz rattles when you move around in your seat, the Lexus doesn’t. The Mercedes burns oil and the temperature fluctuates based on where you drive it. The Lexus doesn’t. The Mercedes has a suspension systems so unreliable it boggles the mind. The Lexus doesn’t. I’d trust the LS to take me across the country right now. I wouldn’t take the Benz further than Chicago. If I had to pick one, sadly it’d be the Lexus.