Now that I have had time to calm down from this, let me tell you how I was so very close to t-boning a fucktrumpet and subsequently beating someone’s ass.

To set the stage, I am the blue arrow, in the right left turn land and douche-canoe is the red arrow in the picture below.

I was heading to the gym which is in this town center. I was traveling west on Broad which had green lights in both directions. I moved into the left hand turn lane to turn into West Broad Village, there was a line of cars in the left most turn lane and the right was empty so I stayed in that lane. As I moved into said turn lane, the lights in the main lanes turned red and our turn lanes received a green arrow. Since I was traveling about 25 mph and a green light, I never had to stop.

With that said the two right turn lanes from West Broad Village received a green arrow as well.

Fucktard in his Volvo XC90 decided that the green arrow meant he could go straight through the intersection. Luckily as traffic in the left most left turn lane moved, I caught a glimpse of this asshole driving through the intersection and had enough time to lock-up the brakes (full ABS engagement) and lay on the horn while subsequently gesturing and cursing this dumb-ass. I WAS LIVID.


Then as I pulled into the parking garage, not even 1 min after this occurred, some oblivious idiot decided to try and back out of their parking space at an unreasonably high rate of speed considering there was a large truck that was blocking their view to the right (the direction I was coming). Locked up the tires again (Concrete floor so not hard to do and I was going ~10 mph so any hard stab of the brakes would do that). The screech was enough of a hint, so there was no horn.

AND THEN, as I was leaving, I pulled up to the 4-way stop just off the bottom of the picture above to turn left toward the exit, the lady across from me, who pulled up after me and was in the right turn lane and not the lane to go straight across, decided that as I went, to hell with right-of-way that she was going. She got a lot of horn and some lovely gestures I was cursing her as well.

I mean seriously, what the fuck is wrong with people today.... I really need to get a dash cam to capture the stupidity of drivers by me. I could totally fill 15+min of stupid shit each month at this intersection alone.....


Side note: That was the first time I have felt ABS truly engage outside of driving in the snow. I is a weird feeling. (My Sentra never had ABS)

Side note 2: In all those quick stops I never stalled the car either. Always remembered to clutch-in.

Side note 3: Fucktrumpet was a suggested word by google keyboard on my phone

Now excuse me, I need a drink......