With all this truck talk for 2018, for my first oppo post I wanted to have a proper informative post, so here we go:

Here in Chile we love trucks, they have 16% marketshare of the light vehicle segment, and the best selling car in 2017 was the Mitsubishi L200 (Triton). Most brands offer pickup trucks and the most popular segment is the double cab mid-size pick up. And because we have about 55 car brands there is a LOT of competition, so to give a little bit of an insight of the Chilean car market, here is a pretty long list of all the mid-size trucks that you can get, ordered from best to worse selling:

Mitsubishi L200/Fiat Fullback/RAM 1200:

Engine: 2.4L Diesel 152-178 hp / 380-430 nm

Transmission: 6MT / 5AT

As I said before, the L200 is the best selling truck, it’s a good value and very reliable so fleets really love them. Fiat also decided to bring the Fullback to try and steal some sales but just a few days ago FCA decided that they wanted to sell all of their commercial vehicles under the RAM brand so now the Fullback was renamed to RAM 1200 for some reason.


Toyota Hilux:

Engines: 2.7L GAS 163 hp / 245 NM

2.4L Diesel 148 hp / 400 NM

2.8L Diesel 178 hp / 420 NM

Transmission: 5MT / 6MT / 6AT

The Hilux is famous worldwide for its reliability and great resale value , sadly Toyota also realized that and raised the prices so it’s no longer a cheap work truck and some trims compete with the full size trucks, still though it’s the best selling vehicle in neighboring Argentina where it’s built.


Nissan NP300/Renault Alaskan/Mercedes Benz X-Class:

Engines: 2.5L GAS 166 hp / 241 NM

2.3L Diesel 158 hp / 403 NM

Transmission: 6MT / 7AT

A trio of trucks, for many years the old D22 Frontier was the best selling truck in Chile so much that they kept selling it all the way untill 2014! The later D40 and now D23 were more expensive so it’s no longer the segment leader although it’s still a popular choice. Sister company Renault also wanted some sales so they released the Alaskan with a more “upmarket” approach and the new Mercedes Benz X-Class is coming soon.


Ssangyong Actyon Sports:

Engine: 2.2L Diesel 178 hp / 400 NM

Transmission: 6MT / 6AT

You might be surprised to find a Ssangyong in the best selling list of anything but Korean cars do very well in Chile so it’s not a surprise that a Korean truck would have a lot of appeal, it’s also cheaper than the Japanese competition and more “car like” because it’s based on the Rexton SUV.


Chevrolet D-MAX:

Engine: 2.5L Diesel 163 hp / 400 NM

Transmission: 6MT / 6AT

You might have heard of the Isuzu D-MAX, the same truck is sold here with a golden bowtie. Chevrolet is constantly fighting for the top spot of the best selling brand in Chile, the D-Max and previously the LUV were actually assembled in Chile all the way untill 2008, being the last car manufacturing plant in the country, so it’s no wonder why there is a lot of people that hold Chevrolet close to their hearts. As for why we don’t get the Colorado or the Brazilian made S-10 which are already sold as Chevrolet my guess is that the D-MAX brand has more recognition.


Ford Ranger/Mazda BT-50:

Engines: 2.5L GAS 164 hp / 225 NM

2.2L Diesel 147 hp / 375 NM

3.2L I5 Diesel 197 hp / 470 NM

Transmission: 5MT / 6MT / 6AT

The Ranger unlike in other countries has been selling non-stop alongside it’s sister the Mazda B-Series since the 80's, the latest gen has probably the best “big truck feel” in the segment, also the only one with a 5 cylinder engine which is pretty cool.


Volkswagen Amarok:

Engines: 2.0L Diesel 180 hp / 400-420 NM

3.0L V6 Diesel 224 hp / 550 NM

Transmission: 6MT / 8AT

The Amarok is a recent nameplate, although VW did have a truck before it, the little Saveiro, the Amarok appeals more for lifestyle than work as it’s 2.0L TDI engine has raised some reliability concerns so you don’t usually see them working. It also it looks very cool.


Mahindra Pik Up/Tata Xenon:

Engines: 2.2L Diesel 120 hp / 270 NM (Mahindra)

2.2L Diesel 150 hp / 320 NM (TATA)

Transmission: 5MT

I’m gonna pair both trucks as they both are from India and have the same philosophy: slow, cheap, awful build quality, poorly equipped but usually very reliable. Basically the opposite of the VW above. It’s the perfect work truck as you have a loud tractory diesel engine and a rugged frame that can carry quite a lot of stuff and 4x4 versions which are very capable off road. Still wouldn’t like to be in a crash in one of them.


Chinese Trucks:

Engines: (worst and best)

2.2L GAS 98 hp / 180 NM (Great Wall)

2.8L “Cummins” Diesel 178 hp / 360 NM (Foton)

Transmission: 5MT

Chile was one of the first countries to open the floodgates for Chinese cars back in 2006 and since then we had terrible cars and some surprising ones. Even some like Great Wall have been succesful on consolidating their “Wingle” line of trucks as a cheap and reliable alternative to something like a used truck, other brands have completly failed and dropped from the market because their trucks were terrible quality and some even came rusty from the factory! Right now there are 5 main lines of trucks from Maxus (LDV), Foton, ZNA (Nissan), JAC and Great Wall.


Honda Ridgeline:

Engine: 3.5L V6 GAS 280 HP / 350 NM

Transmission: 6AT

The Ridgeline has sold pretty well for what it is in both generations although it wasn’t the first unibody truck sold here, the Subaru Baja also was available only having being sold in 2 other countries: USA and Canada.