There is a lot going on in this photo. Lets start with the doorway to my building. That is two people under a blanket. There is a wheelchair in the corner. These people are obviously in a bad position. My building actually had to lock all the bathroom because people were trying to live in the bathrooms. There are a couple homeless shelters and drug centers nearby so the homeless sometimes outnumber the shelter beds and are forced to take shelter elsewhere. Its a fucked up situation.

Issue #2 in the photo. that fucker is the air ride light. when I picked up the car from the shop last night it came on. I couldn;t get the system to make presure, which it was before I dropped it off. The shop I brought it to was not familiar with the system so I made sure to show him how to put it in ‘lift mode’ for when he had it on the lift. I kinda doubt he turned it back on for the test drive. the compressor runs but I dont get any pressure. That made for an incredibly rough ride this morning. what would you guys do? All my local family use this guy and have for years.