What would your dream car be?

Well, Naturally, the Golf GTi. Its a VW so it wont be making a rokus here in Mexico (I can have it de-badged), its reliable, its quick, it has a lot of dealer support with a relatively normal engine, and its good looking, not outrageously expensive.

But what if Mexico City somehow wasn’t filled with potholes?

I’d obviously go for something low slung, think a Subaru BRZ, even though its less practical than the VW, its actually cheaper and more of a driver’s car!


De-badged naturally.


But what if Mexico City was safe?

Well, I’d probably save up a bit more money and get an BMW M140i, I think those are amazingly practical and very quick, I think very pretty too. without the stupid “M140i” badging.


Come on, loosen your budget

Even if I had all the money on earth, any BMW with a “40i” badge would suffice...


Come on! Don’t lie!

OK, an M2, or an M3 if the Comp pack is available. De-badged, obviously.


What if you had to carry dogs or your bicycle with you?

I do love dogs, I do use a bicycle, um... let me think... Jeep SRT8? without the badges.


Any budget, man... Imagine its safe!

OK, an SVR Range Rover, de-baged of course...


Can it be a Europe only car?

Sure, why not...

Easy, Jaguar XF-S wagon.



What if you had no shame, Mexico City was safe, pothole-less, you had to carry a dog, and somehow you were stupid rich?

FINE GOD DAMMIT! The Panamera Turbo S-E wagon. Without the dumb cursive badges of course...


You liar...

Yeah, I know... I’d probably get this Ferrari GT4 Lusso T.

Mamma Mia!


Just give me a happy place to listen to Broken Bells...
Oh... jesus...



il distintivo! il martello!