Here is all the rust on my 2006 Mazda 3. These cars are known the world over as the rustiest cars that ever lived. This car was originally purchased in Roseville California and resided in Sacramento California and Carson City Nevada until December of 2012 when we pulled up and moved to a ski town called Whitefish Montana. Since then it has seen six very hard and long winters. It usually starts snowing in November and doesn’t stop until early April. We typically have 3 feet in our yard and our driveway is solid ice for 4 months. This is why my other car is a Subaru Outback! The state and the city use magnesium chloride like a 10 year old uses catsup. Thankfully the county has not moved beyond sand and gravel.

First I tackled the rear light corner, next up is the inside of the door panels. Probably going to wire wheel then zinc primer followed by rattle can light grey or silver. None of this will be visible but will keep the doors in one piece for a few more years.

Keep in mind I wax and wash this car regularly if I had been less diligent it would be in much worse shape.

Those black specks on the doors is road tar from when the road melts and the tar is combined with the slush, it is the worst shit to be invented by man. I typically spend 4 to 8 hours per car in the spring removing road tar from our cars.