All The Shit Jkm Keeps In His Truck

Inspired by this post, I decided to make a post detailing all of the shit I have inside of my Tacoma right now. If any of y’all have any suggestions about useful stuff I could have, lemme know.

First off, the center console. One of the first things I did was bought a Vehicle OCD console organizer. 10/10 would recommend, high quality and made in the USA.


Starting from the top left, going left. You have to tilt your head completely to the right to view this properly because Kinja is a shit.

1. Leatherman tool

2. Hand sanitizer and tissues

3. Various pens, receipts and gift cards

4. Sunglasses retainer for watersports, another multi-tool, chap stick and a wrist band. There’s also a cheap 7-11 lighter somewhere in there as well.


1. Interior clean-up wipes

2. Extra lightning cable that’s only a little bit damaged (not a little)

3. Mystery spot

4. The cup compartment


Now for the spot in front of the shifter. I only have Wet Ones and a charger. I don’t like clutter in places I put things.


In the thing to the left of the steering wheel, I keep a bunch of quarters and my Zippo. Which keeps the quarters from shifting around as much.


In the glovebox, I keep a phone holder, an aux cord for peasants who don’t connect to BT audio, a box of .22's and all of the papers.


Now for the left side of the under seat storage. I keep a thing of defunct zip ties, a bunch of tie downs and a pair of work gloves. There may be more under the gloves and straps, but since I didn’t feel like pulling everything out, you may never know.


Now for the left side back seat storage. I keep a pair of winter gloves, a hat I never wear, a raincoat and a bag with an extra shirt and pair of socks.


On the right side of the under seat storage I keep an ice scraper, a bunch of first aid shit and whatever else you can see in the picture.


On the right side of the behind seat storage, I keep detail spray, a bunch of microfiber cloths and my jumper cables that don’t really fit in there all too well.


In the bed storage on the right, I keep gun shooting apparatus.


On the left bed storage, I keep scratch remover, detail spray and paper towels in case any motherfucker wants to spill shit in the truck.

That’s all for now. As time goes on, I’m going to get more shit and eventually get flashlights and whatnot in there.

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