So I recently ranted about America’s little pissing contest torque war going on in heavy duty trucks, but apparently we aren’t alone, as VW is going bonkers with their diesel engines, (but in a good way this time). Take for example the SQ7 TDI with its 4.0 liter twin turbo (plus electric supercharger) TDI V8. 664 lbs-ft @ 1000-3250 rpm and 435 hp @ 5000. Now 664 lbs-ft is a far cry from 925 lbs-ft in the Ford, but that number comes on at 1000 rpm [!] as opposed to (my guess) 1600 rpm in the ford. Graph it out and you’ll see how crazy that is.

DAT GRAPH! No lag, pure linear power gain. *swoon*

While 435 hp doesn’t sound that impressive realize that it averages out to 311 hp. That’s a HUGE average number, which compared to the uber macho super duty, is UP 46 hp.


Granted that has a lot to do with it simply revving out more, but still, that’s one impressive engine.