I’m currently in the process of transferring from my school to Florida Aviation Academy. In sophomore year I’ll be doing all four types of engineering offered to see which one I want to do and junior/senior year I’ll choose my path. The types are avionics, aerospace (flight), overall engineering with entrepreneurship and stuff, and airframe/powerplant engineering. For my future career the best one that’ll suit me is the overall engineering with entrepreneurship. My future career, if you didn’t already know, is to start my own car company to cater to the people and you crackheads, of course. Also, I'd be able to get a full scholarship if I get good grades and already be two years into college with credits. I'll only have to take two years of college, maybe more since I'm tryna get a master's degree or maybe even a doctorate or PhD and all that good stuff. But this is a pretty decent opportunity. I'm trying to convince Vulcan-003's parents to let him go here too as he is going to be my future business partner and best bro. My other best bro that I go way back with is in Texas but is doing something similar so that's good. Anyways, I'm stoked. Things are gonna be good.