Yes, because those kind, reassuring words and those circuits are two completely unrelated things. And now I have an even better reason to make more with the salon hair I have. It’s in that video above, go watch it.

Now on to the circuits that I hope will get made using that app.

The circuit on the right tile, admittedly, is ripped off Interlagos, but unlike Interlagos, the second big straight past the Senna-S is gone, replaced by a fast, twisty, off-camber second sector. T15 to T17 is a steep and banked (13 degrees) downhill run, and F1 cars here can hit up to 250 mph just before entering T1 (the highest speed recorded here is 266 mph, set by Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari). The other one, left tile, looks less inspiring, but this high-downforce circuit is a site of many epic battles up and down the order.


At 9.5 kilometers, the circuit on the left tile is about the biggest layout I’ve done, although that’s because this is the Resort Full layout. It’s got almost everything: classic esses, Karussell, blind corners, as well as a recreation of the Indianapolis corner seen at Le Mans. It’s also really, really ugly. The other one is a more low-key track (4.0 km) in Hokkaido, but the facilities are top-notch. Compression is demented in T7, the lowest point of the track, while the main straight, the highest point, provides a scenic view of the mountains.


The figure-8 circut you see on the left is the only street circuit I have right now. I took cues from Marina Bay and Monaco, but made it a faster and slightly more forgiving track, and the straight between T3 and T4 is a tunnel, exiting at side streets providing the bulk of the elevation changes (as much as 118 meters in just 6 corners. Let that sink in). The other one, set in Kazakhstan (don’t ask), is also exciting, if only because one can reach up to 5 g at T10, but the most defining feature are Turns 2 and 3, which is basically Eau Rouge complex taken in reverse.

Again, thanks for the kind, if unexpected, words in the other post. I shall now go back to regular programming.