Part of me finds the situation a bit amusing. Long story short, Elon has been tweeting a number of things that people are getting bent out of shape about:

- The Model 3 won’t have some sort of HUD.
-The Model 3 won’t immediately be available with dual motors.
- The Model Y won’t be out for a few years.

Reading comments on various blogs, there’s a goodly number of people who are either threatening to cancel their pre-orders or who are otherwise expressing disappointment. Part of me finds the whole thing a bit entertaining for a few reasons:

- People put down a deposit on a car they hadn’t seen.
- People got so hung-up on every word that Elon has said
- People are disappointed in the thing, and they haven’t even driven it.

Part of me doesn’t like the idea of one central screen. It reminds me too much of the Toyota Echo with the speedometer in the middle of the dash. But the other part of me can totally understand why they are doing what they are. They want to make it simple and inexpensive.

It’s a bit like they’ve changed the packaging on your favourite brand of BBQ sauce. In a year, no one will care, but something about it just feels... different. Then, in a year’s time, you’ll look back and realize how dated the previous version seems.

Either way, the whole situation is quite entertaining to watch. My only hope is that I can pick up a used Model 3 in, say, 5-8 years for a good price.