From the Atlanta Allante Car Club website:

The Kogge Award 93 Allanteā€™(Teal)
Fred Koontz of Pasadena Maryland

The Best 87 Allanteā€™ (Pearl White)
Dean and Dan Fuson of Taylorsville, KY

The Best 89 Allanteā€™ (Bright Red)
Mike Hugyo of Waterford, CT

The Best 90 Allanteā€™ (Bright Red)
Sam and Judy Demme of Lebanon, TN

The Best 91 Allanteā€™ (Pearl White)
John and Marlene Sandor of Rocky River, OH

The Best 92 Allanteā€™ (Burgundy Metallic)
Barry and Vicki Murante of Tampa, FL

The Best 93 Allanteā€™ (Teal)
Sal and Colene Caravello of Conway, SC

The Best 93 Allanteā€™ Modified (Polo Green)
Bill Corn of Duluth, GA

The Peopleā€™s Choice (93 Pearl Flax)
John and Beth Nash of Summerfield, NC

The 25th Anniversary Award
Sam and Judy Demme of Lebanon, TN

The Best XLR (06 Black XLR V)
Marvin (Gizmo) Carroll of St. Louis, MO

BEST OF SHOW AWARD (1993 Pearl Red)
Bill and Kathy Winkler of Sarasota, FL

These guys and gals remind me a lot of the Midwest Marauders XLR group:

Decorating the host hotel


Fine Dining

Cocktails for hours and hours and hours


Prime Parking between events

Getting up early to clean the cars


Drawing attention everywhere we go.

And Elwood just had to embarrass one poor Allante who knew he had the meanest exhaust. I let him start his car first, rev it a few times, poke out his chest. Then I fired Elwood in beast mode, revved it and saw fire out the exhaust. Poor Allante guy shut his off and went and bought me a drink. hehe