I've been enjoying this site for about 2 years now and its finally time for me to introduce myself.

I'm Anthony, aka 5-Speed Gangsta and I am a junior in high school. I am originally form Freeport, NY, but I now live in Charlotte, NC. I recently turned 16, but i will not get my license until mid November when I am eligible.

I've been into cars my entire life, which was mostly started by my father who is also an enthusiast. German cars have always been my favorite and that is why I chose an E36 for my first car.

My family owns 4 cars, starting with my older sister's 2003 Honda Pilot. we bought it used in 2010 for my mother and it was handed down to my sister when she turned 16 last year.

Next Is my mother's silver 2011 BMW 328i. Bought it used last year and within the first 8 months there were a ton of problems. It spent 1 of the first 3 months in service; however, all of the repairs were covered by the warranty and since what needed to be repaired is fixed, there have been no problems.


Third is my father's 2005 Audi A8L. My father has been into cars since he got his license and has heavily influenced me. My father has had 5 cars since i was 3 (and probably 20 before that) and all 5 were German (2000 335i, E32 74oil, 1995 318ti, 2001 GTI). He has also had a long list of Japanese and American cars before that but it seems that once he went German he never went back. This is his first Audi (great car BTW) and the first automatic since the 7 series.


Finally is my 1994 325i Convertible. I bought the car at the beginning of August for $3800. Technically I didn't buy the car myself because even though I had planned on buying my own car, my parents gave me $3000 as an early birthday gift to help supplement my purchase. The car is a 5-Speed and had been mechanically rebuilt by the previous owner. Everything from the suspension to engine has been completely restored. the only modification is the sport muffler. The one thing the PO did not restore was the interior, so when I bought it the leather seat was torn beyond anything i had ever seen and the driver's power seat did not work. There were also other issues from the torn steering wheel to the broken shift knob ant the holy shift boot. Since I have bought the car I have put about $300 into the interior and as it is still not perfect, it is very function able and comfortable. 200000 miles and running strong, and I plan on driving it 200000 more.


Thanks for listening. It's nice to finally be a part of Oppo.