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Alltrack Tintz

Depending on the car I’m a purist, or a “few but tasteful” mods guy. Then I bought a 75' BMW hotrod that has left only the rear seat unmodified, and it really expanded my horizons. I thought to myself “fuck, I might not even like this car in it’s stock form.” I highly doubt that, but the the thought crossed my mind.

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Anyway, my former self wouldn’t think of modding up my brand new car, but here I am. Less than two weeks, badges are off, it’s tinted, my silver “Bumperdillo” arrives tomorrow to add back a little contrast to the rear of the car after removing all of the badges. It will also protect against Mastiff and Boxer paws of which there are 8 in my house.

Sans tint for reference
The thing on the top of the back bumper is a “Bumperdillo”

I’ve also got an appointment at the end of next month at Smith VW (an APR VW dealer) to do the warranty covered stage 1 tune. I just have to slap 2300 miles on the car before then (break in).


I’m still on the fence about the CDV delete. Were doing that on my pal’s MK6 TDI this weekend, so I will see how it feels before I go for it.

After the tune I’ll likely be done for a while. I think

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