They sold it. They found another at a nearby dealer, same options but they want a deposit before they’ll transfer it so I can drive it. I’m not really into laying money down before I’ve even driven a car like this (it’s not that special, haha). Option #3 arrives in 3 weeks-ish. Same spec except it’s got a the Marrakesh brown interior, which I love.

Sooooo...I’ve got dibs on that one when it arrives. They’ll call when the first stick shift one arrives (even if it isn’t the green one) so I can drive one to make sure I like it.


It seems like this is it, however now that I’m pretty serious about pulling the trigger its a perfect time for another contender to appear in between now and when the Alltrack arrives. (Like an oxford green E39M5 with the extended leather)

I’m taking off in a few minutes for a 3 day long wedding weekend. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.

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