So here is a CL ad for a manual (!!!) SC300.

Let me preface the post by saying I am just browsing CL, not a serious buyer at all, what with my recent house acquisition. But I’ve been teasing the idea of getting a used luxury car as my next vehicle. I still am holding out faint hope for an 8-series, but I thought I’d browse some Lexus (since... well, you know).

A luxurious Supra sounds awesome. And one with a stick! But notice the dealer place-keeper. The seller said he bought it from the original owner, who traded it in. So really he DIDN’T buy it from the original owner, he scooped it up from the dealer. A very shady abuse of the term.

So why would this guy buy this thing from a dealer only to immediately sell it? Simple: He probably flipping it.

It’s nice, but it’s a 22 year old Lexus, not technically an mkIV Supra.

Notice also his screenshot of a recent CarBuying article praising the design.

Me gusta, but me 9k gusta? As they say in Spanish: no.

(still want, though)