Almost a New Milestone

Had to use dog as bait. I do appreciate babe actually remembers her training band i can wash the car and she just enjoys the sun. But the real reason behind this post is that I *almost* have removed every single issues with the BMW.


Dnt mind the rear bulbs. I got them off the replacement trunk and they work perfectly fine. Might use the old ones just to get rid of the light. When I upgrade the pads for a track day, I’ll install the wear sensors. And the air bag light came on after I replaced the steering wheel. I stupidly forgot to disconnect the power when I replaced it. Definitely have learned way more than I planned.

The end game is 300k. Whether that’s with the current engine, an M52TU replacement, or an LS swap. I can get an M52TU for around $400-$500. So in the theme of cheap racing il probably do that. 

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