After successfully making it back and forth to a couple car shows and a cars and coffee, and driving a few miles around town, I decided to exclusively drive the Fiat these last 6 days. Gotta take advantage of the last remnants of Spring on the east coast! It won’t be convertible weather much longer...

I also wanted to get an idea how quickly I’m burning through fluids. Between the known leaks, the leak in the crankcase re-circulation hose, and whatever she’s burning through old rings and seals, I’ve gone through about a 1/3 a quart of oil in 130 miles. That consumption rate is actually well below what I expected, to be honest, and should come down to almost nil if I replace the oil pan and crankcase hose leaks, and anywhere else she’s spraying from. I seem to have burned through about 6.5 gallons, so I’m getting around 20 mpg. I’ll get an exact reading next time I refill the tank. Coolant level doesn’t look to have gone down much at all.


I think I may have stumbled into a fairly reliable runner... still need to get the wipers and horn working, and the radiator fan working better, before I’d consider it a daily driver, and it’d be nice to finish the paint job and remove the vestigial bumper mount for appearance sake... but otherwise looks to be a big thumbs up so far!

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