So I’ve been hunting for a little pickup for a little while focusing on old Japanese trucks. We do a lot of work around the house and while the wagon is awesome it isn’t quite a substitute for a truck.

After scrounging on CL for a while I finally found something that looked like it fit the bill - a 90 B2600i 4x4 extended cab. The perfect little beater truck I’d been after.


It’s even this awesome blue-green color. I talked with the guy on the phone and set up a meet on Saturday. He’s apparently a service adviser at a local Mazda dealer group. I met him there on Saturday took it for a drive, remarkably solid except for soft brakes.

I liked the truck overall and mentioned the brakes - he offered to have it inspected for me and get the brakes looked at. I accepted as this is an uncharacteristically awesome offer from a CL seller. We agreed on a price and him bringing it to me on Monday as we’re about 45 minutes away from each other here. I even offered to give him some cash as a deposit and he declined.

I got a bit more nervous as today went along as I hadn’t heard from him. I figured I’d gotten blown off by another craigslist seller even though the vibes were awesome this time.


Well he called about 30 minutes ago and the shop didn’t have time to look at the brakes but it passed inspection. They’re going to purge the brakes tomorrow and he’ll bring it down after he gets off work.

So while I don’t have it yet, things look very good for an awesome little pickup to be entering my stable soon. I’ll probably be selling the Scout this summer as I need the truck more than it and vehicles are starting to pile up around here...


If all goes well - prepare for a deluge of mini-truck content in the coming weeks!


So I got a text from the guy on Thursday mid-day saying it’s in the shop and then nothing else util this morning. He texted saying they found the problem but he didn’t want to put the parts in to fix it and would knock another couple hundred off the price if I still wanted it.


The problem is (according to him) a stuck bleeder on one of the front calipers and air in the lines. They got the rear bled, and the pedal firmed up some but couldn’t bleed the fronts.

I’m supposed to be meeting him tomorrow morning to finalize the transaction and exchange cash for truck. I’m excited and can definitely handle the fix of either unsticking and replacing the bleeders or replacing a caliper (or two) as necessary.


Wish me luck Oppo!

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