I left work early because of the weather, and my 35 minute commute took over an hour. There was so little traction starting from a stop that I kept to getting honked at for going too slow. And then, on this 40 MPH sweeper, the rear end kicked out on me. All of a sudden I was going full Tanner Foust on public roads, against my will, with a Chevy Cruze on my rear bumper and a nice new 5 Series in the oncoming Lane.

It was one of those rare situations where hoonage skills save the day, and your reflexes step in to make steering corrections before you can consciously react. There was a guard rail to my right and an F10 approaching on the left. If I couldn’t stay in my lane while handling the tailslide, I was in for a nasty accident. So I applied a bunch of *oppositelock* and then corrected the initial slide after holding it for a few seconds. When the car lurched back into a straight line it wanted to keep swinging in that direction, which I denied with a flick on the wheel. That was the scariest thing I’ve experienced behind the wheel of that car. Yikes!!