Gather round folks! It's story time! today's characters include an 86 year old lady, her Toyota Avalon, and my Publix! Lead picture is what her car looked like after the fact. Here we go!

So sadly I have no pictures of the actual accident... just some aftermath and my very detailed drawings and descriptions. This is because my very strict no cell phone boss was standing right there as well as two police officers and the victim. The lady was in the white Avalon in that first handicapped space. She mixed up the gas and brake pedal and flew at about 25 MPH into our building!

She landed right here. Her back wheels were up on the curb.


The poor bush got chopped in half. It should be noted that I was standing RIGHT WHERE THOSE CARTS ARE! I may have screamed like a little girl when I saw her flying right at me.

As you can see, she mainly smacked this pole. Her white paint still remains.


Here's the other side of her car. The trunk no longer closes. Its bent pretty badly out of shape. The officer made them call a tow truck so they didn't drive it home. No airbags deployed.

So... here's the kicker. The 86 year old had her 40 something year old daughter with her! Now why the daughter wasn't driving we will never know. The officer was more confused than anything else considering how far she flew.

We are all very glad this happened around 8 PM. If any earlier, she would've hit at least one car and a few pedestrians. That is the main entrance to the store. Between all the cars and people and employees it could've been a lot worse. Also, we were glad to learn those pillars are structural and solid. Otherwise we would be in big trouble.


OPPO PSA: THE BRAKE IS ON THE LEFT! I REPEAT THE BRAKE IS ON THE LEFT! (**Unless you have a manual; then its the middle**)

Spotted at work.