So I was tryin'a hit 100 down the free way when this family of four in a station wagon...

Just kidding, I may be a Mustang driver but I'm not that bad. What really happened was I went off the road in the most bizarre way I could imagine.

You see, I like to drive with half my right foot on the gas in anticipation of having to blip the throttle for a down shift (yes, I belive myself to be the next Senna, heel-toeing while coming up to the apex of an on-ramp). The problem is I can't reach the gas pedal with my heel so I kind of ride it with the right half of my right foot and roll my foot when I need to blip. Sometimes I find I leave my foot over both pedals even after finishing the down shift.


Today I decided to brake extra hard before making a square right onto my favorite on-ramp. I slammed on the brakes, but at the same time, inadvertently hit the gas while in second. This was due to that habit I developed; of keeping one foot on two pedals. What happened next can only be described as the most unnecessary and slow loss of control while understeering. You'd think my car had a Reliant Robin type setup with one wheel doing all the turning. At first I thought my brakes were shot, but after a dazed few seconds sitting on a dirt shoulder, I realized what happened. The combination of hammering the gas while braking and turning meant my car was done listening to my shit. It was just too much input, despite the wide sticky tires and ABS doing all they could to save my arse. I actually think the rears may have broken loose and propelled me, in a sort of moving burnout, while I slammed on every pedal in a panic.

I'm super lucky there wasn't a curb or a sign post, otherwise I'd be like a Brazillian at a soccer game (i.e. rekt). I got off with some superficial scratches to my rim, despite the fact I hit a mound of dirt in a lowered car.

Anywho, let that be a lesson to all y'all. Heel toeing can be a dangerous habit if you do it wrong.

Tl;dr - typical mustang driver can't drive his car, flies off the road