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Almost died today..

well I mean, I was in a situation where i suppose i could have died. On my morning commute this morning the road conditions where not that bad, it was misting and the roads where wet but not extreme by any measure.

Any ways as I’m taking a over pass to merge onto one high way from another (see diagram) my rear end began to slip out on me. Mind you I drive a Chevy Impala, so you know FWD. I tried to correct and my whole car just started to go left and then right. much like an out of control trailer. I attempted to recover and was able to get it some what under control and scrub some speed, I was only going about 50 this whole time. how ever at the last moment my car went into a triple spin and came to a rest facing the wrong way on the high way.

the red line is the line I was driving and where I ended up

That being said I didn’t hit the wall, other cars, or anything at all! As well no one hit me! this is why i spend lots of time going into slides when there’s snow on the ground.

Any ways not knowing what happened I called AAA and had my car towed to the garage. I assumed something broke in my suspension. We found nothing! my alignment is even still perfect. the only thing my mechanic and I found were my tires were 5 pounds over inflated. Because I filled them on a day that was sub 30 degrees. other wise everything is in spec!

Best we could figure is maybe there was an oil slick from oil being spilled on the road mixed with the wet conditions just made a little slick. man I tell you though nothing wake you up better than an Adrenalin rush! fuck coffee, haha

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