Almost done!

I finished the front end work on my Audi last night! I have now installed:
Bilstein struts
Monroe strut mounts
Monroe brake pads
Brembo rotors
Control arm bushings

Can't wait to get it on the road and feel the difference. Tomorrow, I'm doing the rear rotors. Then I just have to troubleshoot a slow oil leak and install the new exhaust with equal-length headers.


Unfinished and hastily refinished uprights.

Old and new Bilstein struts. I can't help but wonder if that's really the original strut that came from the factory 22 years ago. It was still holding up decently for that much age, but it was definitely time for it to be replaced. It leaked oil all over the place.


Current exhaust style on top, improved exhaust on bottom. Can't wait to hear it once these are installed.

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