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Almost done with episode 3 of our offroad cheap car challenge!

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Last night I finally got the first complete draft export of the episode three of our road trip video out. Yes, this is a full year after episode two was released. It has been a busy year! >_>


Looks like EP3 is shaping up to be a “double length” episode, coming in right at 20 minutes. This concerns me, as it is only covering three days’ worth of content. The episode starts with us entering Death Valley and covers Death Valley Road, Beatty, Titus Canyon, Artists Drive, Badwater Basin, Zabriski Point, Hole in the Wall, Dead Man’s Pass, and into Vegas.

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Ok… that kinda seems like a lot…

Though I am making these videos for us but still want them to be entertaining to the people we force to watch them, I try and straddle the line between “a perfect record of things that happened” and “entertaining”. I also tend to fall into the trap of putting all the footage I have into the video… even if it is sort of boring or doesn’t fit into the narrative.


For EP3 a friend has volunteered to do the sound mixing for me… which I am nervous about. Rightly so, he wants to do it outside of my workflow, which will make it really hard to go back and edit the episodes after the fact. Also while I cannot deny the audio quality coming out of his trial run is much better, there are a lot of spots that I dislike too. It is a tough thing. Sidenote: this is the same friend that did the custom composition for the video of our first road trip (which absolutely doesn’t exist).

Anyway, I am happy to share the next chapter of this story with everyone, even if it is WAY later than I’d expected to. My new goal is to have the video finished before we start the next trip in May of 2019. That is… surprisingly ambitious as that means at least two more episodes.


Here is the breakdown for anyone who is interested:

  • Episode 1 – Good Luck – Covering car buying
  • Episode 2 – Have Fun – Sacramento to Death Valley, covering Tahoe, Bodie, and Mono Lake
  • Episode 3 – Don’t Die – Death Valley, ending in Vegas
  • Episode 4 – Kick Ass(?) – Vegas, Valley of Fire, Grand Canyon
  • Episode 5 – Good Game – Zion, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Wrap Up
  • Episode 6 – Game Over – SLC car selling and retrospective? (Probably not going to do this one)

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