Surprisingly quick, since Python is a bajillion times easier then JavaScript. Took me maybe 10 hours or so to do this and I knew nothing about Python or Websites whenever I started this.

Anyway, I’m gonna worry about distributing it later. But as of now, it has a text file that holds the city, zip, search radius, and price. That it uses to search. Then it weights all of the vehicles trom that search based off of Cylinders, Drivetrain, Transmission, Title Status, and Model year. Full weights below along with it’s first to picks.


Rebuilt = 2 pts

Salvage = 5 pts


3 = 7 pts (not added in yet)

4 = 0 pts

5 = 5 pts

6 = 3 pts

8 = 8 pts

10 = 15 pts

12 = 20 pts


Auto = 0 pts

Manual = 5 pts

Model Year:

1 pt for every year before 1996


rwd = 10 pts

4wd = 7 pts

awd = 5 pts

fwd = 0 pts

Cars must score at least one point to be eligible to win. Here where the first two winners.


Yeah, when was the last time you ever heard of one of these bad boys?

And the second winner was...

So I’m calling it a success.

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