Almost Finished: Many Steps, Many Parts

Pop Riveter is one of my favorite tools.

I need to reinstall the second shock absorber, and replace a washer in the sway bar end link. Then put the weight on the front suspension and tighten the bushings. Then get it aligned... Big job and some genuinely hard work. 

The brake pads were approaching marginal and in normal service, I’d have let them go and inspect again in 5,000 miles, but we leave Monday for a 2,000-mile trip towing the pop-up trailer and crossing the Sierra and other passes, and since I had everything apart, I went ahead and refreshed the brakes and installed new wheel bearings.

The hardest thing, apart from the mere physicality of it all, was getting the “master” tool’s generic sleeves to fit in order to press bushings and bearings in and out. Surprisingly, the upper control arm bushings were pretty easy.


Note to self for next time: think ahead about where the through holes for the cotter pins are going to wind up...

Rusty, my ‘71 GMC van, needs the same treatment.

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