Making a right turn onto a side road (side road has stop signs, the one I was on does not) that is mostly a blind turn due to trees.... soon as I start my turn there's a lady jogging against traffic toward me, earbuds in, but SHE'S ATTEMPTING TO CROSS TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD.

WTF, lady? My dashcam was off (saving footage for a little somethingsomething later) otherwise I'd post it. She literally was crossing, saw me, started to jog back to the side of the road she was on (where I would have totally missed her to begin with) then made a bee line across the front of my car as I was braking to a stop.

I was only going 15mph or so. Stupid bitch is lucky. She made some "HEEEYYY" noise as she ran to the opposite side of the road, I just let the clutch out and drove off not paying attention to her.


THEN, 5 miles later, there's a curve in the road I am on, and on the right is a shirtless dude jogging with traffic (away from me and the car in front of me) and a lady with a shirt on jogging against traffic on the opposite side of the road jogging away from me and the other car as well. As the car ahead of me approaches, she starts to dart across the road WITHOUT LOOKING in the middle of the curve! She gets halfway into the opposing lane THEN looks, goes back to the shoulder she was on, then crosses behind my car.

Fucking joggers, man. If it ain't the bicyclists, its the fucking joggers. >:(((