After countless financial forecasts, number-crunching, and some third thing that refers to financial analysis, the message is clear: 2019 will be my 2nd consecutive calendar year with no vehicle transactions.


Every year since 2011, I had either bought or sold a car. That was, until 2018, where among other reasons, but primarily the house stuff, no vehicle was bought or sold.

In 2018, we sold our first home, bought our second, and paid off a fat — FAT BOI, BBW, ALL THE GENDERS — chunk of student loans as well.


I recall posting about 50,000 times about trying to buy a camping rig for 2019. I shared everything from an S-10 Blazer to a Double Cab Taco. But alas, it was all fantasy... The option was never truly on the table — without sacrifice.

And that’s the other major sticking point. I inexplicably have a good and reliable fleet, and it’s one I enjoy.


My wife’s car is functioning exactly as intended: change the oil and check the fluids.

My longbed... You’ll pry that from my cold, dead hands. It’s has been showing its age the last few years. So you’d think I would run it into the ground and accelerate the wear in order to justify purchasing a replacement. However, I’ve done the opposite: I barely use it and now it’s garaged. Why am I garaging it?! Have you seen it? It’s 39 years old!


The Paseo? The only thing worth a penny that would easily financially subsidize a quality Zoidberg SUV/camping thingie/and-or truck? I like that thing. I also have have this sinking fear that I will definitely regret letting it go right now.

I’ve also entered this weird phase where I basically barely drive at all. I like being home. I drive countless miles in the Taco, but that’s not my problem as I don’t own it, and it’s all work and no play. I’ll be lucky if I drive even 3,000 miles this year outside of work. Why push the budget for something I scarcely do anymore?


So there you have it. If I had the money, I’d pay off the rest of the student loans. If I had more money, I’d fix up the house. If I had even more money, I’d travel. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

Happy, to be honest.

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