Almost took this home today.

Tailgate had a small impact/crease/pinch that I wanted addressed (nothing major but a bargaining chip). They offered to fix it or take $400 off the sale price. Asking 18000 out the door, we settled on 15500 but without fixing the tailgate. Catch is they’ll have it repaired in house and charge me cost - “well how much will that be” “they’ll need to assess it..” “nope, you quoted $400. Call me when it’s fixed and we’ll talk.” To which is will be $15k out the door. Something tells me they won’t be calling.

They also had a Ram RT single cab with a rust glob on the driver door and a big strip of vinyl tape covering it. If that wasn’t there I’d have made an offer. Crazy how a lack of effort can drive away customers.


The hunt continues. 

*Note this was at an actual Dodge dealership not a mom n pop joint.

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