This morning started with things looking like this:

New rollbar sitting in place...

The fabricator nailed it. The top works perfectly, and the bolt holes to hold down one set of reinforcements line up perfectly. A couple steel plates need to go into place so some fiberglass needs to be cut to access to the frame but it’s minimal.

I pick it back up from the welder next weekend.

It’ll run its first track day with the mismatched tires from the previous owner as why not — they’re performance summer with plenty of tread. Good to enough to get to know the car a bit anyway.


I picked up a set of arm restraints too so I don’t rip my arms off with them flinging around in an accident. I don’t think it’s in the rules with most places but I think a convertible needs arm restraints, gloves, and a full face helmet at a minimum as, say, getting a face full of sand when someone slides off the track in front of you means you’re joining them for sure.